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3D Scanning and Modeling is an emerging area of expertise that finds applications in a myriad of fields today. For the beginner 3D Scanning and Modeling may seem complicated, confusing, cumbersome and expensive. We at 3D Scan Solutions aim to bring clarity to the subject and clear any and all misconceptions about this technology.

As an newly emerging field in India, 3D scanning and modeling has been expensive. But we at 3D Scan Solutions aim to provide Accurate and Affordable 3D Modeling-Measuring-Scanning solutions

3D Scanning Process

White Light Scanning
White light scanning is a 3d-scanning process using a non-contact optical scanning device which uses white light source to project fringes on the part being scanned. The sensor of the scanner which is equipped with two cameras take several images of the part ( with fringes projected on it ) during the measurement and sends these images to a high end PC where an advanced image software calculates point co-ordinates through out the visible area of the part under scan.

Unlike contact scanning, white light scanning picks up the point co-ordinates of the surface being scanned so there is no requirement for probe ball compensation and complexities / errors associated with it.

Rapid Data Capture
Produce data for Rapid Prototype
Produce data for reverse engineering
Produce data for Quality & Inspection

Step 1
The 3D scanner directs a series of reference patterns onto an object. The light deflects onto the object's surface. The scanner captures these images to calculate the object's depth and surface information.
Step 2
The 3D scanner's triangulation engine processes the images to acquire the data needed to create a 3D model. Automated 3D capture drastically reduces the time and cost in capturing complex physical measurements.
Step 3
Consider using Leios for advanced 3D scanner data post-processing. These software packages are very helpful for 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications.

3D Scan Solution's 3D scanning process includes the use of high speed machine vision cameras having an average scan time of 1.1 seconds. With the use of photogrametry technique, the scans are aligned automatically, making the scanning process extremely fast and reliable.Alignement can also be made based on the geometry

Technical Information

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