3D Scanners
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3D Scanners

The 3DSS version 1) 3D Scanners are ready to use solutions for capturing digital 3D scans from physical objects in seconds. These 3D scanning systems are great for manufacturers, visual effects studios, research labs, and academic institutions that need complex 3D measurements for various applications (3D visualization, 3D inspection, reverse engineering, or rapid prototyping). Each system comes with a capturing unit and 3D scanning software.

Complete 3D Scanning System

Capturing Unit Includes a tripod mounting system for portability 3D Scanning Software

The HDI 3D scanner works as a solid and flexible tool for scanning components and assemblies of different shapes and sizes. The scanner captures 3D scans quickly and in high accuracy.

Best Combination of Accuracy and Performance at an Affordable Price - The 3DSS  3D Scanners offer advanced 3D scanning at a fraction of the cost of comparable 3D scanning systems with equivalent industrial grade quality and accuracy. The 3DSS Advance generates 3D scans up to 30 µm accuracy (based on 3D point distance with a fixed field of view at 200mm diagonal).

Fast Scan Speed with Full Field Scanning - While 3D laser scanners use laser beams that sweep across an object for 3D scanning, the HDI 3D Scanners use white light technology (also known as structured-light) that capture the full view of the object for faster scan speed. It captures a 3D scan in less than two seconds.

Built in Basic Post-Processing Capabilities - In addition to its powerful 3D data acquisition capabilities, our 3D scanning software includes the basic ability to process 3D scanner data. Post-processing 3D scanner data within the software is ideal for fast and simple operations. Leios would be the best options for advance post-processing features.

Leois Post processing SW

We are the resellers for Leios post processing software, a very powerful, reliable, accurate, cost effective and user friendly software for:

• elaboration of 3D scans,
• editing of triangle meshes
• reverse engineering.

3D Scanning Elaborations Software and Reverse Engineering

The new version, Leios 2, is a turning point: new user interface and new workflow, performance boosts and new tools, granting users improved productivity and usability. With Leios it's possible to acquire datasets from any kind of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a NURBS mathematical model easy and quickly with complete control of each step and to analyze the results with powerful inspection tools.

Leios features powerful elaboration and editing tools to make transformation of the original point clouds to manifold mesh easier and to fit the obtained meshes with CAD mathematical models.

Leios exports the datasets in many formats, both polygonal and CAD, suitable for several fields like:

• engineering,
• simulation,
• archaeology,
• medical and dental industry,
• animation

Since 1998 EGSolutions has created software with a precise goal in mind: to provide customers an easy, user-friendly, but reliable and powerful solution for 3D scanning elaborations, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling.

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